"Don't tell me what I can't do," get to your feet, and grab your knife for the boar hunt as Matt looks back at LOST's "Walkabout." This amazing John Locke episode highlights the broken-down office drone who becomes the stalwart island guru.



  • Kevin

    * The acting is great, too, but in my opinion the writing is the star of this episode. It’s beautifully crafted with twist after twist.

    * Lost is one of the greatest shows in television history because its unique way of telling two stories in one episode, using flashbacks, develops characters much better any previously used tv show format, making the show much richer in characters than most other shows. “Walkabout” gives us a perfect balance between flashbacks and the present and does what Lost will do so well in future episodes: start with two stories and have them converge at the end.

    * We knew from the pilot that this island was something different, mysterious, and scary, but “Walkabout” was probably the episode that made everyone sit up and take notice.

    * In regards to the big picture issues, Kate and Sayid are the two most level-headed of the survivors. It’s really too bad that Sayid never really lived up to his potential.

    * I don’t think that Smokey is controlled by either MiB or Jacob. It seems more like it is some sort of free agent of the Island. It’s more impartial the way that it judges people (Eko, Locke, Ben). It doesn’t seem to necessarily work for either side, but independently.

    Mar 21, 2011 at 2:23 pm