See Michael yell, and a lot: this week, Matt looks back at LOST episode 1x14, "Special." This episode features the first Michael/Walt flashback, as well as some.. er... great parenting tips from Michael, along with the origin of the ill-fated raft.

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  • Tad

    Poor Michael got totally screwed. lol He was in love and put his mate through law school, while putting his own aspirations on hold. His joy for the pending birth of a new child was palpable and genuine. Susan then used her new skills (acquired at his expense) against him to not only better-deal him for a more successful mate, but to steal his son away and give him another man’s name. The worst thing you could really accuse Michael of is having faith in the wrong woman. It was clearly a battle that he was not going to win.

    On the island I didn’t think that Michael was all that irritating. In fact I sympathized with him. Yes he certainly was insecure to a point while trying to forge a bond with his son. But he was rightfully wary of Locke. Locke may have his positives, but he’s the last person you want to entrust your 10yr old with unmonitored. Anyone not convinced of that should ask Shannon. Locke, though a man of faith, was driven by a personal sense of destiny. But he’s got some severe insecurities of his own and is a wee bit nuts. He’s demonstrated on several occasions a habit of dismissing the needs and concerns of others when they are mutually exclusive to his own, to the point of danger/death.

    Dec 19, 2011 at 6:35 pm