312 “Par Avion”

Is this one of the overlooked great episodes?  This week, Matt looks back at LOST episode 3x12, "Par Avion." Marking the midpoint of the series, the podcast discusses Claire's darkly touching flashback, her earnest on-island attempt at hope, and the first of many Patchy deaths.  All told, it's a great episode.



  • Kat

    Really enjoyed this podcast. I’ve been listening since the beginning and every week, look forward to downloading your latest podcast. One other lost podcast I listen to as well “We talk about lost” are on the final few episodes and they mentioned that in the middle, the almost quit, but didn’t. And now, when they are on season 6, are really enjoying it again. I’m looking forward to the second half.

    Apr 26, 2012 at 5:54 pm