314 “Exposé”

Nikki and Paolo die... but is this a truly great episode?  YES!  This week, Matt looks back at LOST episode 3x14, "Expose."  The podcast argues that as standalone episodes go, this one is top notch, as it has dark humor, great twists, and ultimately tweaks the nose of the audience.



  • Vidya

    I am finally discovering “Lost” and loving it! This has been one of my favorite episodes so far and I was surprised to hear there was so much dissent on its merits.

    This episode is a classic morality play and has a strong message on the folly of valuing what is valueless. I have seen plenty of “message-based” and “spiritual” entertainment and most of it is pretty dull and heavy-handed. But this episode had a clear spiritual message and delivered it with such wit and spirit– I hope that those who are interested in making this type of media watched this episode and took notes.

    Enjoyed the podcast, keep up the good work!

    May 18, 2012 at 3:52 pm